Нет, не могу оставить без внимания этот шедевр.
Уже раз пятый хочется его запостить у себя.
Да, я люблю смотреть присылаемые мне картинки с двача :)

И вот ещё, от [info]baaliel:

The Manga Guide to Databases

By Mana Takahashi
December 2008 (est.)
Publisher: No Starch Press
Pages: 224
ISBN 10: 1-59327-190-5 | ISBN 13: 9781593271909

Want to learn about databases without the tedium? With its unique combination of Japanese-style comics and serious educational content, The Manga Guide to Databases is just the book for you.

Princess Ruruna is stressed out. With the king and queen away, she has to manage the Kingdom of Kod’s humongous fruit-selling empire. Overseas departments, scads of inventory, conflicting prices, and so many customers! It’s all such a confusing mess. But a mysterious book and a helpful fairy promise to solve her organizational problems—with the practical magic of databases.