We have some web sites which must be updated from Git repositories by users who have no other permissions on web server. For this task, I imported SSH key to server for authorizing on bitbucket and wrote a simple bash script for four different repos:

while true; do
echo "Please choose api to update (enter number)"
select repo in "dev" "a" "b" "test" "EXIT"; do
    case $repo in
        dev ) cd /web/dev;echo "updating:";pwd;git pull origin master; break;;
        a ) cd /web/a;echo "updating:";pwd;git pull origin master; break;;
        b) cd /web/b;echo "updating:";pwd;git pull origin master; break;;
        test ) cd /web/test;echo "updating:";pwd;git pull origin master; break;;
        EXIT ) exit;break;;
echo "Update finished. Want to update more?"
echo ""

This bash script is set as login shell for those users – so they can login and update their servers.

Recently I had I problem with loading dll libraries for my java web start application. 32 bit library didn’t load on 64 bit OS and, of cause, vice verse.
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Java applet not working after refresh

13 December 2013, 13:12:42

I had a funny problem with my java applet in web start application – it worked every second time I refreshed web page.

After a little debug I found out that java machine didn’t make it in time to shutdown, start and show applet.

Solution was rather fun:

<param name="separate_jvm" value="true" />

It helped because now new instance off applet launched in a new JVM, simultaneously with closing old instance of applet in old JVM.

But be careful if your applet writes something to user disk or etc – both old and new instance can be doing is for a little time!

Today i run into error

Invalid signature file digest for Manifest main attributes

while running my java web start applet.

I wondered for a while and finally found the reason – yesterday I modified my .pfx key for signing applet, but manifests in jars merge with each other – so I really had jar with invalid digest.

To fix it, I just had to remove META-INF folder from all my jars, add them manifest again and re-sign them.
You can remove it with any archiver – for example, with 7-zip.

I had a week of trouble, signing my web start java applet.

While I signed (with a good COMODO code signing certificate), there was

Warning: The signer’s certificate chain is not validated.

But I didn’t pay much attention to it.

And my signed applet appeared to be of unknown publisher even through “Show details” in browser showed me that applet is signed with the correct certificate. Of cause, it was much restricted – and I need to read user disc, etc… It could be solved my directly installing CA to user computer – but that’s unreasonable to request every user to do it manually. So I suffered for a week and suddenly came up with a solution, inspired by this post (thank you,
Supriya Roy):

1) Install your .pfx certificate with the “Mark this key as exportable. This will allow you to back up or transport your keys at a later time” and “Include all extended properties” checked.

2) Check that that you have full certificate chain for this certificate and it is valid. Otherwise, install neccessary CA.

3) Export the installed certificate with “Yes, export the private key” option and “Include all certificates in the certification path if possible” and “Export all extended properties” checked under the option .PFX or PKCS #12.

4) Use exported .pfx file to sign the JAR. Don’t forget that it could change alias – get new one with

keytool.exe -list -keystore D:\keys\code.pfx -storetype pkcs12

Worked like magic – warning disappeared and my jars are trusted now!

I ran into a trouble while updating my Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.8 (Tikanga).
I could not use yum any more:
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Решил утащить на память к себе две чудесные статьи, которые полностью описывают моё отношение к разработке. Из первой я несогласен только с одним абзацем – который говорит про невозможность работы с неработающим кодом.

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OracleToGit: released!

4 October 2013, 16:10:26

At last, I released a useful tool for Oracle DBAs – a special customizable script which helps you to store database DDL (views, tables, package code…) in Git repositary so that you can always see history of object’s changes.

Have fun!

Oracle To Git

Мир Тьмы: Белоснежка

25 September 2013, 03:09:18

Спрятавшись за поваленным деревом, мы с ужасом смотрели, как стекло меняется под его пальцами. Там, где он прикасался, оставались жирные отпечатки, и оно темнело, становясь обычным хрупким материалом. Пролетевшая мимо разноцветная птица упала на землю, став серым воробьём. Мы услышали, как стекло хрустит под собственной тяжестью….

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Герда задумчиво догрызала грязный ноготь на указательном пальце правой руки. Увы, остальные уже закончились, а ожидание казалось нестерпимым. Её старый компьютер громко выл кулерами, компилируя простой низкоуровневый код. От потоков воздуха, которые разогревались, проходя сквозь раскалённый до 90 градусов процессор, заметно шевелились засаленные жалюзи. Свет в комнате периодически помаргивал, и она лишний раз порадовалась тому, что несколько дней назад всё же отдала несколько новых йен за старый, но кое-как отремонтированный и всё же работающий стабилизатор напряжения. Меньше всего ей бы хотелось повторять всё заново… Она отрывисто вздохнула и не глядя вытащила ещё одну сигарету из помятой пачки.
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