Sorry, I am too lazy to publish actual info.
You can read about some of my web projects on github / jehy.


Every litle thing

Web sites:

“Yamga” media portal
Work in a team of developers – support and upgrading of the project. making new modules for company’s CMS, creating selfcast service – PHP & MySQL. Tuning and writing modules for Wowza Media Server – Java.

Interactive photo competition
Support and further development, creation of WAP version.

Internet version of encyclopedia “Moscow across ages”.
The work meant full rewrite of “Moscow across ages” by Codis, using PHP&MySQL. Encyclopedia had closed code, databases in Clarion format and no documentation. It was some kind of reverse-ingeneering. Work included development of database structure, porting of data via ODBC interface, user & administrator interface development.

LDAP statistic generation system
System for showing and export of statistics for LDAP server was created during summer practise in company “Yamburggazdobycha”. This included work with php_ldap extension and development of suitable DHTML interface.

Registration, calculation and statistics system for the State Public Historical Library
Statistics system for more then 40.000 readers. Available only via intranet.
Includes readers’s search, profile view, editing, different kinds of stats. Created from scratch on PHP&MySQL, optimized for MySQL4.

Electronic book shop for publishing house “NINA”
Standard electronic shop – searchs, views, purchase,price list upload, administrative fucntions for items’s editing and order management.
Created, using CMS by Codis.
Russian version of Hapman company web site
Mini CMS creation, translation from English into Russian, layout design.

Own projects:
Rating & banner system “Palantir”
Rating system with counters and precise statistics. Later banner network system was added. System is optimized for search engines. More then 2.000 registered users total and 20.000 banner shows every day. Also written from scratch.

Animation database
Huge animaton database with multilevel caching system and relevant search. Abandoned.